Friday, September 9, 2011


I am not delusional nor am I naive; however what I am, is honest! Ill say first of all that in general symptom-wise, I have been very blessed. I didnt experience any significant morning sickness to speak of, no physical pain and up to this point I havent even had any real issue with sleep. But I am having a moment - for the last several days I literally can not eat anything, no matter how big or small without experiencing heartburn! I feel so blessed and thankful to be pregnant with a healthy baby boy that I really hesitate to complain about ANYTHING. But its Friday night, Im tired and I am in PAIN! Ill deal with whatever I have to ensure we deliver a healthy baby boy safe and sound but right now Im taking 5 minutes to type this, wallow in my pity party and complain. Ok, maybe itll last more than 5 minutes, but Im going back to suffer in silence. Goodnight!

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  1. Don't suffer - Pepcid! That was my best friend!!!