Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Little Early? I Dont Care.. Im a Planner!

Baby Bedding that I LOVE.. yes, its Boy baby bedding, but Im pretty certain thats what this little peanut is.. so Im going with that. Good thing Jason likes boats!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Month Ago Today...

Today is one month from the day I took and received my first positive HPT! One month down, many, many more to go. It’s really quite amazing though how quickly my life has changed in that month. My diet has shifted drastically as I’ve had to say Adios to my limitless supply of Diet Cokes, Coors Light, Chardonnay, lunch meat, GOAT CHEESE, salt, did I say Coors Light already? Oh yeah, guess I did. I’ve also had to give up running and my Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred workout DVD. Anyway, now my focus is on eating well-balanced (i.e. BORING) meals, getting lots of rest and figuring out how to get in meaningful, but low impact exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, or at least not complaining very much! I am beyond excited and happily will make any and all lifestyle adjustments to ensure that we get a happy, healthy baby Boy here in the next 7 or so months. I can’t forget to mention that one of the biggest changes in my life is that my husband has now taken up gaming. Yes, you’ve heard it right. He sits in our game room with a headset on talking smack to 12 yr old boys and babbling about what a “bad ass” kill that was. I don’t EVEN know what that all means, I am simply repeating. You see, we used to spend a lot of time away from home when I was not with child and could partake in adult beverages but now we are home more often so it was necessary for him to find another outlet for his time. I guess talking crap to 12 yr old boys isn’t as bad as other alternatives. Hehe!

On another note, I’m headed out with a bunch of girls on Thursday night (GASP!, I know, alert the presses, Pregnant Woman is going out on a “school night”) to see the premiere of Sex In the City and although it might not be the Eclipse premiere, I am still quite excited. I actually am also a closet 80’s horror movie fanatic too so I really want to see the remake of the Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Jason doesn’t seem to be all that interested. Guess I’ll have to wait until it comes out on NetFlix.
Ok, that’s all for now! 9 more days until vacation!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I am very GRATEFUL the weekend is over!!

Who thought I would ever say that, but it is true. This weekend WORE me out. Saturday I was running and gunning from 7:00am until late, late Saturday night. Sunday I woke up with a really sore back and I felt like I hadn’t slept in weeks. I was so tired all day Sunday but I still had things to get done so I had to go to the grocery store and wash clothes. The shower Saturday went well. One down, two to go. Michele’s shower will be Saturday, June 12th. That also happens to the weekend immediately following our trip to St. Louis so it will be a busy couple of weeks. That’s ok by me though, because I’m just really anxious to get past the 12 week marker. Sheesh, I’m still even really tired today too and tomorrow I have to attend a happy hour for work. The upcoming long weekend and my days off for our trip to STL can NOT come soon enough. One kinda cool thing to note this week though is that I think I am having my first pregnancy-related cravings. When I went to the store yesterday my two purchases that were priority #1 were grape jelly and pimento cheese. Weird, huh? I had an English muffin just a bit ago with all-fruit grape jelly and it was AMAZING!

Hope everyone have a great weekend. Hopefully later this week I’ll have a bit more energy and can write about some baby items that I’ve started looking (er, obsessing) over.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy, busy weekend!

Today I’m 7 weeks along and only 5 more weeks to go until I’m onto my second trimester. I’ll be happy when that comes around as the risk of miscarriage dramatically decreases after that time. At 7 weeks our baby is the size of a blueberry and is beginning to develop his arms and legs. Amazing that something the size of a blueberry could wreak this much havoc on me. Still no major morning sickness to speak of, but I am hungry ALL THE TIME! I also wear out much quicker. Speaking of…

I have so much to do today and tomorrow. I have family coming in because tomorrow is Bryson’s baby shower. That’s my brother and Ashley’s impending bundle of joy. So much to do, so little time but it’ll be a good time for everyone. I hope she gets some cool baby stuff for me to ooooh and ahhh over since Jason won’t let me buy any baby stuff of our own!

So I’ll have about a week to recover from all the excitement of this weekend and then I’ll have to start planning next weekend for our trip to STL to see Jason’s family. We’re leaving Thursday after work and driving through the night, so hopefully Ally and I will get to sleep most of the way. I am a little nervous about riding in the car for that long of a period of time and the prospect that right now I have to go the ladies room a bit (meaning a LOT) more than I did in my pre-pregnancy state.

Well I’m hungry again so I have to go rummage up some breakfast. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brutis has been saved!

Brutis, our beautiful, but destructive Blue Lacy decided that he thought it was a good idea to tear up about 6-12 inches of our new carpet…… new carpet that isn’t EVEN 2 WEEKS OLD! Needless to say this resulted in my first pregnancy meltdown. As I bent down to start cleaning up his mess of carpet pieces and carpet padding I start to bawl. I don’t mean just a slow trickle of tears, I mean, sobbing! I proceeded to cry most of the rest of the night. I should say that I’m not a big crier and I don’t cry that often. I’m not even sure what I was crying about… the carpet, the prospect of Jason sending Brutis to the pound, something completely unrelated or maybe I was crying for no reason at all! But nonetheless I spent the whole evening crying. Jason really did want to send Brutis to the pound. In his defense he did at least want to send him to a no-kill shelter. PETA would approve of that! Anyway, I did manage to spare Brutis and convince Jason to let us keep him so I saved the shelter from having to feed another dog, I saved Brutis from a life spent eating ‘Ol Roy, (GOD Forbid!) and I earned myself a whole lot more difficult doggie walks. Oh well! He’s a sweet dog, he’ll get better, one of these day! I hope!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Dr's Appointment!

I’m warning you, this just might be a long post. First things first, we went to the doctor on Monday and everything went great. I was measuring 6wks3d on Monday. We got to see and hear the heartbeat, that was really, really cool. The heartbeat was normal at around 127bpm, but the sonographer said that was on the slower side so she is already predicting a BOY. Well let me tell you, Jason immediately groaned and told me that we were giving it back if it’s a BOY. Not sure who he thinks we would give it “back” to, but that’s what he said. Im thinking the sonographer is right and I am officially putting my guess in as Boy. Hey, I figure it would be cool to at least carry on the Ramey name; this is probably the last chance. But ok, here comes the part where you will pity me. If we had a Boy, Jason’s name choices are Raymond or Calvin. Seriously? Ray Ramey? Gross, sounds like a pedophile or a greasy truck mechanic. Jason is convinced it sounds like a professional baseball player but whatever. Calvin Ramey? Cal Ramey? Uuugghh NO! Paw paw and I’s pick is Jackson. Jason hates it. Anyway, since we have seen the heartbeat I am feeling a teensy, weensy bit anxious to buy something for this baby, ANYTHING, I don’t care! Jason, not so much. He thinks I’m crazy, which I’m sure is not the last time he will think that during this pregnancy. Let’s see, people ask me how I feel. Jason will tell you that I am hungry and tired all the time and I guess he is right. I’m usually asleep by 9:30 and I wake up about 5:00am STARVING! Right now I’m craving a grilled cheese with ketchup! Yummy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes! As I had to explain to my dear husband, that little blue stick that says PREGNANT, does mean I’m Pregnant and yes, I suppose that does mean you have Michael Phelps like swimmers because this trying to make a baby thing only took about 4 months. Either way, that little test is what brings us here. As I told my Mom I’m not sure that I have much to contribute to the blogging world but at the insistence of my Mother-in-law and her desire to know ALL about this pregnancy, I figure a blog will be the easiest way to keep everyone updated. I actually should really let Jason author this blog as he is far wittier than I am.

Today seems to be as good of a time as any considering that today marks the beginning of Week 6.

I’m a neurotic planning busy body that can only sit still when Jason absolutely makes me, usually because he wants me to scratch him or something. Yes, he is inordinately pre-occupied with having his head scratched. Anyway, I digress. Being the neurotic planning busy body that I am I already have visions of baby nurseries, strollers, baby items, furniture, etc that I think I will need or want, mostly want, so Ill use this blog to post all my ideas here. Maybe Ill even post a few polls on the gender or potential names. Some of the naming game has already been done by Jason and I but a lot of that depends on whether this is a Boy or Girl so we shall see.

 Next Monday is my first Drs appointment and I will not be comfortable or entirely excited until that day comes. I’ll be almost 7 weeks by then so if everything is ok I should be able to see the gestational sac and the heartbeat. After seeing that is when this will all really start to sink in! I can’t wait to show the first pictures of her baby brother or baby sister to Ally! She will be thrilled. Needless to say she is only interested in having a little sister at the moment so I told her Id do what I could for her, but considering the luck her Daddy has, we better start preparing for a little boy!

Until next time!