Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brutis has been saved!

Brutis, our beautiful, but destructive Blue Lacy decided that he thought it was a good idea to tear up about 6-12 inches of our new carpet…… new carpet that isn’t EVEN 2 WEEKS OLD! Needless to say this resulted in my first pregnancy meltdown. As I bent down to start cleaning up his mess of carpet pieces and carpet padding I start to bawl. I don’t mean just a slow trickle of tears, I mean, sobbing! I proceeded to cry most of the rest of the night. I should say that I’m not a big crier and I don’t cry that often. I’m not even sure what I was crying about… the carpet, the prospect of Jason sending Brutis to the pound, something completely unrelated or maybe I was crying for no reason at all! But nonetheless I spent the whole evening crying. Jason really did want to send Brutis to the pound. In his defense he did at least want to send him to a no-kill shelter. PETA would approve of that! Anyway, I did manage to spare Brutis and convince Jason to let us keep him so I saved the shelter from having to feed another dog, I saved Brutis from a life spent eating ‘Ol Roy, (GOD Forbid!) and I earned myself a whole lot more difficult doggie walks. Oh well! He’s a sweet dog, he’ll get better, one of these day! I hope!


  1. oh my gosh... I feel for you..I know how you must have felt and with being pregnant everything is magnified 10 fold... you are doing great... it's those dang harmones that a running crazy with you.. Brutus is lucky to have you for sure...saved his sorry adorable butt !

  2. oops meant Brutis..I hate when someone miss spells my name..