Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Where do I even start my reflection on the last 13 weeks?! They’ve been AMAZING, tiring, terrifying, scary, exhausting but most of all the best 13 weeks of my life. I knew Id love our baby but I didn’t know how much Id love him or have any idea how much Id love my husband and Ally that much more after seeing them with Gavin. Ive said it before but Im so thankful that Ally now has a sibling. She has THAT person! She has a built in best friend for the rest of her life because I promise there is no age difference that can separate siblings! I’m so happy for her. She doesn’t know or realize it yet, but she will. And there is nothing like seeing your manly husband cooing at our 2 month old. Ill forever be grateful for the 13 weeks that my company has afforded me, but Im ready to go back. Im ready to get into a routine that is long lasting, anxious to get in a routine that we can implement long term.

Gavin has absolutely woohed Jason and I into thinking this all easy. Every parent says their baby is easy but ours truly is. At 11 weeks, he was sleeping through the night- 830p – 630a. We cant ask for more. He cries, sure, but only when he’s bored, overtired or hungry. He has almost made us think that another one would be just as easy, but Im not as easily convinced.

Reflecting on where we are: Gavin is now “talking”, cooing and smiling like a crazy man. He is consistently wearing 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers. He probably could move up to size 2 diapers but we had so many size 1 diapers that Im holding off until I absolutely have to move up! LOL! He is so fun right now. He can lay on his play mat and play independently for 30-45 mins. Its great for Mom when she’s cooking dinner! He has the most beautiful eyelashes and eyes, they just suck you in!  Im so proud to be his Mommy and having him here with us, has exceeded anything I could have imagined. I cant wait to experience the next few months, years when his personality really starts to come out.

Now comes real life- going back to work!! Ill have many more updates when I have a bit more “hands free” time. Sure Im sad about going back to work, but I can promise that never before will I ever be so glad to come home at the end of the day.