Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4 Month Update and More....

I can’t believe that Gavin is already 4 months old! We go to the doctor next week so Ill have updated stats then, but I can assure you he is a growing boy. He seems sooooo long! He is loving, loving his hands and his voice these days. As soon as he loses his binky, his hands immediately get inserted into his mouth. He also has seemed to discover his voice. He screams so loud- I think he really enjoys the sound of his voice! It makes watching tv difficult at times and Jason and I just look at each other and worry what the future holds with this little chatterbox. He also has rolled over a few times, probably just 4-5 times. Most of the time he has done it during the day for my Mom but I did get him to do it for me over Memorial Day weekend. He is still sleeping like a dream! We are so very lucky and thankful on the sleeping front. Pretty consistently he sleeps from 8:30p- 6:30a. Occasionally, he’ll cry out in the middle of the night but all I have to do is give him his binky and he usually goes right back to sleep. He is STILL being swaddled (with his legs out) and sleeping in his rock ‘n play sleeper. We’ve tried sleeping in his pack ‘n’ play, which is flat and he seems to tolerate it pretty well but Im dreading the thought of breaking the swaddle habit. He just sleeps so much better when he is bundled up. Without his swaddle he knocks himself in the face and wakes himself up every time. He is wearing a size 2 diaper now and has officially moved up to 6 month clothes. The 3 months clothes are just too tight on his chubby little arms and legs! He is still just so much fun to be around and is so happy! He smiles constantly and is always putting on a show. We love you Baby G!

What else is going on- Ally just finished up her volleyball season and they definitely were improved from previous years. They even won the first game in their end of year tournament. Unfortunately, they lost their second game but they were playing the #1 seed. She also wrapped up her first year in middle school and got numerous awards! She rocked the oboe this year and even made the Wind Ensemble band for next year, which is the best band in the middle school and made up primarily of 8th graders, so we’re very proud of her. She also got an award (even though she didn’t go up to accept I- stinker!) for making the A-B honor roll every session this year! Moving on to 7th grade and her first year of school athletics- cant wait!!!!

I’ve still been running a lot- with my goal still being to run a ½ marathon (13.1 miles) in Sept/Oct. I ran my first 5k over Memorial Day weekend and Im glad that I got at least one race under my belt before taking on my ½ in early fall. I still do most of my running on the treadmill, but I have started doing my long runs outside early on Saturday mornings. I’m up to 5 miles now and feeling much more confident these days that Ill make my goal. Just 3 months ago when I started running I couldn’t run more than a few minutes before I’d have to stop and walk for a bit. I’ve definitely been bitten by the running bug!! I never feel as good as I do after a long run is done and I feel like Ive accomplished something I never thought I could. Im definitely encountering challenges/running problems that I never would imagine Id run far enough to have. Im having to research and start considering my options for mid-run hydration and fuel- SO WEIRD TO THINK ABOUT!

I guess that’s about it! Hope everyone’s summer is starting out well!