Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes! As I had to explain to my dear husband, that little blue stick that says PREGNANT, does mean I’m Pregnant and yes, I suppose that does mean you have Michael Phelps like swimmers because this trying to make a baby thing only took about 4 months. Either way, that little test is what brings us here. As I told my Mom I’m not sure that I have much to contribute to the blogging world but at the insistence of my Mother-in-law and her desire to know ALL about this pregnancy, I figure a blog will be the easiest way to keep everyone updated. I actually should really let Jason author this blog as he is far wittier than I am.

Today seems to be as good of a time as any considering that today marks the beginning of Week 6.

I’m a neurotic planning busy body that can only sit still when Jason absolutely makes me, usually because he wants me to scratch him or something. Yes, he is inordinately pre-occupied with having his head scratched. Anyway, I digress. Being the neurotic planning busy body that I am I already have visions of baby nurseries, strollers, baby items, furniture, etc that I think I will need or want, mostly want, so Ill use this blog to post all my ideas here. Maybe Ill even post a few polls on the gender or potential names. Some of the naming game has already been done by Jason and I but a lot of that depends on whether this is a Boy or Girl so we shall see.

 Next Monday is my first Drs appointment and I will not be comfortable or entirely excited until that day comes. I’ll be almost 7 weeks by then so if everything is ok I should be able to see the gestational sac and the heartbeat. After seeing that is when this will all really start to sink in! I can’t wait to show the first pictures of her baby brother or baby sister to Ally! She will be thrilled. Needless to say she is only interested in having a little sister at the moment so I told her Id do what I could for her, but considering the luck her Daddy has, we better start preparing for a little boy!

Until next time!

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