Monday, September 26, 2011

Misc Update!

Things have been so busy lately. Last week’s trip to NYC was very hectic and quite exhausting for this pregnant chick. The client visits went well and the user conference was great. I ate amazing food and found time to do a bit of shopping, but not much sightseeing. That’s fine though, I’ve been there before. I did pop into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and lit a candle in memory of Ethan. We also cruised through a bit of Central Park and walked through Times Square. That was the last big work travel that I have planned before the baby, so I’m glad to move past this.

We are headed out this weekend for a camping trip with our friends and kids. I’m looking forward to it, should be a great time and full of plenty of chaos. The weather should be perfect. I love going out to these cabins. The surroundings are beautiful and its always incredibly peaceful!

I have made pretty much zero progress on the baby’s room lately. I guess I’m kind of waiting for the bedding to arrive. It should ship sometime this week. After that I will get kicked up into high gear. I am trying to do some red accents with the turquoise-blue walls so that I tastefully work in some STL Cardinals gear. I wanted a Fredbird stuffed animal for the room and I found out that Build-A-Bear makes a stuffed Fredbird, but of course the only place you can get it is at the STL Cardinals stadium. Got a text yesterday from Jason’s sister that she went to the game and got Gavin a Fredbird. I’m so excited!!!!  

I’ve scheduled family & maternity pictures for November and Im looking forward to that. I’ll use the family pictures for our Christmas cards and it will also mark the last family pictures that we take that will have just the 3 of us. The next family pics we take will have our newest family member.

I have already gotten a big portion of my Christmas shopping done, but hoping to finish up the bulk of it in the next 4-6 weeks. I do not want to leave all my shopping to the end when I will be much larger and much less tolerant of massive groups of people.

The Aggie game on Saturday made me very sad. I’ve never seen such a big momentum swing happen so drastically. Hopefully, my Cowboys don’t also let me down tonight. On a much happier note, I was thrilled to see the Rangers lock up the AL West over the weekend!!!!

I love my husband and am so very glad to be back home with him. Traveling, being away from home and sleeping alone is not fun for me at all!!

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