Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am so incredibly swamped today- seriously meetings from 9am- 4pm with 2, 30 minute breaks. It’s ridiculous really (!!!!!!!!), but anyway, I had to take a couple of minutes quickly before my day became chaotic to share something that happened last night. I was lying in bed and started feeling Gavin moving around, but it was more consistent than anything Ive felt before and it went on for several minutes. I started paying more attention so I turned down the TV and put both my hands on my belly and at least TWICE I could actually feel my belly move from the outside. It was awesome!! It was very light; however my belly definitely bubbled up several times as he was moving around in there. He was even moving around this morning too and I’m pretty sure they were strong enough that I would have been able to feel the movement again. I cant wait for a few more weeks when Jason and Ally can feel it as well. Very cool moment for me!

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