Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on Baby Ethan

I know there are a lot of people that have been following what is going on with us so I wanted to do a new post on my blog to provide everyone an update. We got the results of the amnio today and they were all clean. Basically this means that Jason and I together are not producing some genetic abnormality that is causing this excess fluid they saw in Baby Ethan’s brain. This is good news because this ensures that any future baby will have no increased risk of having this happen again. This is very good news. In addition to giving me the amnio results they were also calling me to inform me that our appointment for our Fetal MRI had been set for September 2nd. I immediately freaked out and became very upset. Jason freaked out. I pleaded with her and even asked her to understand what this is like for me, to have my baby’s future hang in the balance of the results of this test. This meant that we still had more than 2 weeks of pure torture ahead of us before we had any idea where the situation currently stood. We called back and basically demanded that they find us someplace else that could get us in sooner. The nurse insisted that my Dr really wanted me to use this specific radiologist; however she was on vacation until Sept 2nd. There was just no way that I could put my life and my pregnancy on hold for another 2 weeks. The nurse called back after speaking to Dr Magee and said “well if you really can’t wait until Sept 2nd, then I’ll see if I can get you in at Baylor because we can easily share films with them”. She called me back not 30 minutes later with an appointment for 11am tomorrow. Valerie, Dr. Magee’s nurse told me that it will still take a few days for us to get the results, but it will be a lot sooner than the original September 2nd date. Apparently the radiologist will do the scan, write their report and then send that report over to Dr. Magee’s office and Valerie will call me with the results. My sincere hope is that we get a final diagnosis by the close of business on Friday. That gives the radiologist and my dr’s office 2 ½ days to get everything done. All along I have felt as if I can handle any diagnosis, even the worst diagnosis, better than the despair that I feel right now in our current state of complete unknown. We are still praying for a miracle in Baby Ethan’s little brain and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. I feel blessed to know that we have such a loving and supportive group of family and friends. I ask that you continue those prayers for a few more days as we await the results of our MRI. I will update my blog again as soon as we know something from the scan.

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  1. That's great news!! I know it doesn't mean much for little baby Ethan, but hopefully it's a sign for what's to come in the next few days. We're praying hard for him, so hopefully all will go well! We love you guys! :)