Friday, August 6, 2010

Meet Brutis!

We have a bit of a role reversal in our house in doggie land. We have Toby, our 7 lb yorkie that you would expect to be our lap dog and then we have Brutis, which is our 45lb Blue Lacy that you would expect would be our independent, self reliant, active puppy dog. Instead we have Toby that goes in and out the doggie door at least 500 times during the day, loves his scratch time but isnt a cuddler and PREFERS to sleep at the end of the bed far away from us. Then you have Brutis, who would rather lye on our bed ALL day long and insists that not only does he have to sleep very close to Jason and I but also has to be sleeping ON one of us. Most mornings Jason and I wake up and Brutis is wedged in between us, laying vertically as if he is a human, with his head on the pillow right up on Jason or I’s shoulder. The other morning I went in the bedroom and Brutis had his head wedged completely underneath Jason’s chin and then this morning I woke up and my back was killing me because I spent all night sleeping on my back. Brutis had draped his entire body over me during the night so it was impossible for me to move after that. Now, it all works out fine right now because I have a small belly; however Brutis will likely get booted from the bed when my belly starts to invade the space that he usually sleeps. He is such a sweet guy though that I can’t bear to kick him out until it’s completely necessary. Blogworld, meet Brutis, our 45lb lap dog!!

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