Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nursery Post!

’ve said this before, I know, but I have finally found what I was looking for in regards to a baby’s room. I am not creative at all, which is a little surprising considering my mom is so creative, very crafty and just overall much more talented.. ME? That gene skipped right over me. I’m a neurotic, Type A, planner type of person. Creativity and I don’t even belong in the same sentence; however I’ve had in my head what I wanted the room to look like. I knew that I really, really wanted green walls. Boy or girl, I wanted green walls. I never used to think green was my favorite color, but it must be because I am attracted to all things green, including clothes and house wares. Anyway, so I knew that I had to keep looking on these nursery design websites until I found my vision laid out in someone else’s house or at least something that would get me half way there. Then my Mom could carry me the rest of the way. But lo and behold, just an hour before I was leaving work on Friday I found what I was looking for. Pictures below.

The really amazing thing is that the website I found this on included details.. LOTS of details.. paint BRAND AND COLORS.. websites for the artwork.. even the bedding website. It couldn’t have worked out better actually. Oh wait, it could, the nursery I found was listed under the “Budget” section!! Cha ching! I hit the jackpot, so to speak. The whole room, including furniture was done for $1k. That is something that sings to this penny pinching, cheap, coupon cutter’s heart.


  1. the entire thing is adorable...it even has a Dallas LONE STAR on the wall LOL... now this HAS to make Jason Happy LOL... love the colors and the design, everything about it...so it's a done deal? bought and paid for and on it's way?

  2. OMG look at the STAR RUG also... too cute !!!!