Thursday, July 1, 2010

13 Weeks!

I let it go a week before posting again and I didn’t intend to; however I have been super busy and really, really tired. We had a great weekend last weekend and I got to have lunch with some great girls and their daughters. It was awesome! This weekend is going to be just as great, because it’s a LONG weekend and we all love that. It sounds like Jason, myself and some friends will be out baking for the 4th at Lone Star Park. They have a great fireworks show and Im going to set myself up with a shade tent, blankets and a cooler full of cold beverages to keep me hydrated!! I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend as well. Onto the 13 week update!

How Far Along? 13 weeks

Size of baby: 3 inches long, the size of a peach

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +/- 0 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Nope, not yet

Gender: Still too early, Im certainly still thinking boy!

Movement: Still too early, but I have to start watching for it because I hear that I could start feeling it anytime now!

What I miss: Diet coke and Coors Light

Sleep: Sleep VERY WELL!

Symptoms: Very Tired!

What I am looking forward to: Gender ultrasound- July 24th!

Baby Ramey's Progress
The growth of your baby's head will slow down now as body growth accelerates, allowing for more proportional development. The eyes will move from the side of the head towards the middle of the face, while the ears will lie flat against the skull. And finally, your baby's secret is revealed! Genitals are developing and an ultrasound may be able to tell you if it's a boy or a girl, but most women don't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks. Your baby's intestines will also begin to move up from the umbilical cord into the abdomen. If it doesn't the condition (called omphalocele), which occurs in 1 in 10,000 babies, is usually correctable via surgery after birth.

Your Body This Week
Your weight gain will definitely begin to show, but your tummy may only be bulging a little bit, resembling a soft, smooth ball. Your breasts continue to grow and may also feel "lumpy" as glands and milk ducts begin to form. Veins frequently become visible just under the skin as the weight of your breasts increases. Before pregnancy your breasts weigh about 7 ounces each. At the end of pregnancy, they can weigh as much as 28 ounces each.

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