Monday, July 12, 2010

3rd Doctor's Appt!

Quick update on the doctor’s appointment. There isn’t much to say as I was literally in the office for only about 20 mins; however I have to get all the notables put down while they’re fresh in my mind. I’m using this blog to store all the facts about my pregnancy that I will surely forget the further into I get. I also ordered a book that hopefully I can use to document some of this info as well. Anyway, they first checked my weight and I’ve gained a total of 1lb at this point in the pregnancy (Woohoo!) and the baby’s heartbeat was 143bpm. That is significantly slower than it was last time. Dr. Ehmer said that sounded like a boy’s heartbeat, but he always says those things in jest because he puts absolutely no stock in the old wives’ tale that heartbeat can predict gender. I originally had a private ultrasound scheduled to find out whether our little peanut was a little girl or little boy before my regular 18wk doctor’s appointment, but I think I’ve decided now that I’m going to cancel it. August 9th, will be my next doctor’s appointment and they have scheduled me for a sonogram so I think I’ll just wait for that. It’s just that when I say August 9th, that still seems very close so I have decided to just wait. I’ll save the private ultrasound appt for when the baby is 25-30wks along and I can get a really cool 3d/4d sono done. This weekend I am headed home to attend a baby shower on Friday night and to see my Mom. Looking forward to it! I hope my family can survive a few days without me. LOL!

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