Monday, October 17, 2011

I might be a genius!

The title might be a bit generous but I did come up with something tonight that Im really excited about. I love to cook but of course I dont like to wash dishes. And the one dish that I hate to clean the most are 9x13 casserole dishes. It seems that everything I make in these types of dishes make for the messiest to clean up. They seem to always have food that sticks to the dish and requires at least a few hours of soak time. I cant stand leaving the kitchen for the evening with dirty dishes around. Blame it on my Mom, but I compulsively clean as I cook. For most meals I go so far as to put the leftover food away and clean the remainder of the dishes before I sit down to eat; therefore having a dish that requires an overnight soak really annoys me! Several months ago I discovered these really cool crock pot liners. Its just a piece of plastic that you put in the crock pot before adding the ingredients. It makes for super easy clean-up and I was wishing for the same type of plastic liner for my casserole dishes but they dont make them. Well tonight I improvised. I took one of those crock pot liners, cut it on the seams and laid it flat in my baking dish. It worked beautifully. I made my baked chicken, put the leftovers away, pulled the liner out of the baking dish and Voila! No casserole dish clean-up required! I'll definitely be purchasing more crock pot liners for future use!

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