Friday, September 3, 2010

Absurdity of it all

I got a new cell phone last Friday before I went into the hospital. My other one had broken in 3 places, including a piece off the bottom that I lost completely, which exposed the inner-workings of my phone. The final kicker was that I am leaving for London in about 2 weeks for work and my phone would not work overseas. With everything that I was going through, the thought that I could be over there with no easy or convenient way to talk or text Jason made me break out in cold sweats, so it was time I upgraded my phone. I went into the AT&T store and luckily I had an upgrade available to me; however when you start talking “world” phones, your options become a bit limited. My options were the new Blackberry Torch, iPhone or the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S. All three are smart phones and all three have touch screens. Up to this point I have vehemently been against touch screens because I have fingernails and they make that whole touch screen thing much more difficult but I was sad and really didn’t care much about the phone I was choosing. I simply had to have a phone that would work in London. It basically came down to my husband. He told me that the BB Torch was getting horrible reviews and he detests iPhones, so I went with the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S. Upon setting up my new phone I turned my text to predictive text which means that over time it will “learn” my most commonly used words and prompt me with these when I start typing in an attempt to make my message creation much more efficient. I just went to create a text message to a friend and in the course of ONE text message I got prompted with the three following words: cremate, placenta and headstone. The absurdity that these three words would even be typed into my phone EVER, much less be deemed as “common” by my phone’s operating system is so morose and depressing that I had to chuckle a bit. Here’s to hoping that next week is a lot better than the previous week has been. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

-“If God brings you to it- He will bring you through it!”

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