Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching you up on Baby Ramey!

I am so far behind with this pregnancy as to blog updates. When I was pregnant last summer, I had already been posting baby updates for 6-7 weeks by this point in my pregnancy! Have no fear, Ill get us all caught up with a quick recap via the timeline below. From here on out Ill go back to posting my weekly updates with belly pictures!
May 30, 2011- took the first pregnancy test. We’re pregnant!!!

June 13, 2011- 6w1d- first ultrasound- 6w1d, see but don’t hear the heartbeat

June 20, 2011- 7w1d- first appointment with Dr. Seligman, BORING appointment

July 7, 2011- 9w4d- heard heartbeat for the first time with my Doppler at home, its fast 165-174bpm

July 18, 2011- 11w1d- second ultrasound with Dr. Seligman, everything looks great! Excited about my NT Test the next day with the perinatologist-,Dr. Trimmer.

July 19, 2011- 11w2d- third ultrasound- NT Test! Everything looked great, the dr looked at the baby’s brain for the first time and so far, so GOOD! Both the ultrasound tech and the dr think it is definitely a BOY! Received results of NT Test on Friday, July 21st and its all excellent news. 1:7,800 chance that our baby has Down Syndrome and 1:10,000 that he could have Trisomy 13.

July 20 2011- 11w3d- start telling everybody the news at work!
July 24, 2011- 12 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Into my first trimester!

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  1. wow, that's such a great ultrasound picture! That will be interesting to see if they're right about it being a boy! It's so crazy how quickly they grow in there! lol.