Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long weekend, short week!

We had a long, fun-filled holiday weekend, only to be followed by this short, extra- short week that is quite harried. It is a bit chaotic because we leave tomorrow, TOMORROW, to head to St. Louis. I’m definitely thrilled about my upcoming 5 DAYS off from work, but it is coming WAY too fast and I have way too much to do!!! I have to make lists for my brother so that my doggies are well taken care of, have to wash one load of clothes, have to pack Jason and I’s clothes and can’t forget to pack my snack bag. This pregnant lady needs snacks!! Very important!

Back to this pregnancy thing- as of right now I’m almost 9 weeks pregnant and still very anxious to get to 10 weeks. I have my next doctor’s appointment June 14th and I anticipate it will be pretty uneventful, but 10 weeks marks several things. First, it means that I could “possibly” hear the baby’s heartbeat on a Doppler and second, it means that I could take the Intelligender test. Jason will not be happy about either of these things. He has already told me no on both accounts, but I haven’t really been too interested in convincing him yet. When I do that, I’m confident he will understand my need (lunacy!)!!! LOL!

No doubt our trip to St. Louis will be complete with lots of activities. It seems we don’t slow down very much while we’re there, but I am determined to get at least a bit of R&R while we’re there. I definitely won’t go hungry. Jason has lists of eateries that he can’t wait to have- White Castle and Imo’s are tops on the list. For me, the likely highlight, outside of seeing the famil will be that this trip will likely signify the first time I'll buy anything for this little baby. I see red, St. Louis Cardinals onesies in our future! I probably wont be back with more updates until we get back from Missouri, which won’t be until next Tuesday but when I return, Ill be almost 10 weeks!!! Yeah! Until then!

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  1. I can't wait to get you here little momma..and YES...i'm sure you will have some RED CARDINAL tiny tiny onsies in the goin back to TX bag lol.. can't wait !!!! be safe and see ya in 24 hours !!! yea